While is an advocacy group, there are some software utilities developed and released under the umbrella. This is because the realization of the vision depends on the existence of a class of tools that no one else is building right now.

These tools are permissively licensed and development is coordinated through Keybase.


Inaft is a test runner; it's not a test framework. Drop a copy of Inaft into your tests/ directory, and write your tests as ES6 modules. Inaft will run them.

Repository: keybase://team/triplescripts/inaft


The static site generator used for the website is triickl. It works offline—just like any other generator you're familiar with—but it runs in the browser, too.

Repository: keybase://team/triplescripts/triickl


The reference compiler for the triple script dialect is called trplkt. Its purpose is to help with the development of triple scripts. That means it can be used as a build tool that you can use to build your build tools. It is, of course, implemented as a triple script itself.

Repository: keybase://team/triplescripts/trplkt